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Built-In Battery & Power Panel

Never without power

Designed with a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery hidden inside that last up to 30 days on standby.

Beautiful Power Panel houses the on/off button, battery indicator, and micro USB port for portable charging.

Interior Lights & Dual Charger

Illuminate everything inside

The Leoht Tote shines brilliantly with interior and exterior LEDs controlled with a simple click.

With 2 USB ports, the Leoht can conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Wireless Recharging & The Alcove

Brilliantly simple and secure

The Leoht recharges wirelessly by placing it on its charging plate or via the micro USB port while on the go.

The Alcove is a hidden compartment. Perfect for tucking away your valuable and private items from sight.


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